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The following Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) are the basis of the activities in the Infracture unit:

  • TSI "Infrastructure" (INF) for the rail system in the European Union
  • TSI "Safety in Railway Tunnels" (SRT) for the rail system in the European Union
  • TSI "Persons with Reduced Mobility" (PRM) for the rail system in the European Union

These TSI's are in force since 01.01.2015 and replace the TSI's which where introduced step by step since 2002 and separately applied to the high speed and the conventional rail system.

The EC verification of the infrastructure subsystem is basically divided into the following phases:

  • Execution design (in the TSI named "Design review")
  • Construction (in the TSI named "Assembly before putting into service")

In the phase "Execution design" all design parameters relevant for the evidence of conformity with the TSI are assessed. After successful completion of this phase an “Intermediate Statement of Verification” can be issued on request of the applicant, indicating the conclusion of the design phase.

The phase “Construction” consists of the on-site assessment of all requirements relevant for placing in service. These checks usually take place just before the subsystem is being placed into service.

An EC Certificate of Verification will be issued by EISENBAHN-CERT after successful completion of the last phase.

After entering into force of the Infrastructure TSI (End of 2002) the first EC Certificates of Conformity (currently defined as “Certificate of Verification”) were issued in 2004, e. g. for the new and upgraded lines Hamburg – Berlin, Berlin – Leipzig, Nuremberg – Ingolstadt and the rail traffic junction Berlin including the new Berlin Central Station. 

The last major projects were the upgraded line Augsburg-Olching, the connection to the Airport Berlin and the Katzenbergtunnel. These projects have been finished successfully.

The process of certification is currently carried out inter alia for the following projects:

  • Stuttgart 21
  • New line Wendlingen - Ulm
  • New line/Upgraded Line Karlsruhe – Basel
  • Upgraded line Emmerich - Oberhausen 

In the field of interoperability constituents for the infrastructure subsystem a large amount of type examination certificates and quality management system approvals have been issued, e. g. for rails, visual passenger information equipment or boarding aids. 

With these successful certifications the Infrastructure unit has demonstrated its comprehensive know how, competence and reliability as well as prompt execution in all main fields of activity.


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