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Quality Management


The main areas of activity include:

  • Maintenance and continuous improvement of the internal quality management system,
  • Competence examination of Associated Partners,
  • Evaluation, approval and monitoring of the quality systems of the manufacturers.

Internal quality management system

EISENBAHN-CERT operates a quality management system following the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015 and also considering the additional requirements of the standard series EN ISO / IEC 17000 and the relevant guidelines.

The work of EISENBAHN-CERT is designed to

  • fully to achieve customer satisfaction in the application and transposition of technical and legal requirements,
  • fulfill the expectations and needs of all stakeholders in a possible and permissible context,
  • carry out all orders without errors, run within the stipulated time and agreed price,
  • improve the safety and reliability of the whole railway system for the benefit of passengers and the environment,
  • strengthen the competitiveness of EISENBAHN-CERT

The management and all employees of EISENBAHN-CERT are committed to this quality policy and are actively working on improving and developing all the processes of the quality management system.

Competence examination of the Associated Partners

EISENBAHN-CERT cooperates with Associated Partners in fulfilling its responsibilities. Within this cooperation EISENBAHN-CERT reviews the competence of the Associated Partners regarding the assessment of the requirements of the Directive 2008/57/EG and the Technical specifications of Interoperability (TSI) in regular intervals.

Evaluation, approval and monitoring of the quality systems of the manufacturers

As part of the assessment of interoperability constituents or the EC verification of subsystems EISENBAHN-CERT issues approvals for the quality systems of the manufacturer. To ensure that manufacturers comply entirely with the obligations arising from the quality system as approved, these approved quality systems of EISENBAHN-CERT are monitored during specified intervals.

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