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Technical Specification (TSI)

The Directive (EU) 2016/797 stipulates that each subsystem shall be coverd by one TSI. Where necessary, a subsystem may be covered by several TSIs and one TSI may cover several subsystems.

For the following subsystems exist TSIs:

Subsystem Infrastructure

Subsystem Energy

Subsystem Rolling Stock, partitioned in

Subsystem Control-Command and Signalling

Common TSI:

In addition, questions about technical requirements and interfaces with other subsystems as well as the results of individual working groups led to further documents (RFU, QC and FAQ). These can be found under the information of the Coordination Group of Notified Bodies (NB-Rail).

Please also refer to the "technical opinions" to the TSI on the ERA Homepage.

You can find all directives mentioned in section "Information" under European legal bases.

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